Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open When Letters

My handsome missionary is currently thousands of miles away in the Dominican Republic so I decided to take the time to make these open when letters for him so that he always has a stack of envelopes he can turn to when he needs to hear from me. All together making these took a huge chunk of time but every last second I spent making these is worth knowing that he's smiling and laughing when he's opening them and knowing that I'm always with him even if I can't be right by his side. For any of you out their who are currently thousands or hundreds of miles away from someone you love I encourage you to make some of your own open when letters and send them to that special someone. I promise that they will appreciate them and that you will have so much fun making them! 

My handsome stud and I.

 Total I decided to make 17 open when letters
 but you definitely don't need to do that many :)

Open When Letter #1
Open Now
So I completely spaced to take a picture of my first open when letter, which is of course the Open Now letter. So I'll just tell you what was inside that one. So I sent these letters for Christmas so the first letter had an explanation of what the letters were for and then I put some pictures and a note and of course a little kit for him to make snow. This Christmas will be his first where he won't get to see any snow so I though it might be good to send him some. 

Open When Letter #2
Open When The Distance Seems Like Too Much

So for this one I took some pictures took put along with my favorite quote about distance from the movie Dear John which says, "No matter where you are in the world the moon is never bigger than your thumb" I also included a note (all of my envelopes include a note) and then some quotes that talked about distance.

Open When Letter #3 
Open When You Need Reassurance About Us
For this letter I found this awesome article that gave me so much reassurance that we really can make it through the next two years apart. I also included the lyrics to one of my favorite songs and two notes, one that I pulled from my journal that I had written for him a long time ago and then one that I wrote now. Just to show the comparison from then to now and how much closer we have gotten.  

Open When Letter #4 
Open When You Can't Sleep

This letter included a note with a goodnight message and a fairy tale that I made up about how we first met. I was hoping that a nice bedtime story would help him sleep. 

Open When Letter #5
Open When You Need To Know I'm In It For The Long Haul

This one had yet some more pictures and song lyrics. I also took the time to draw a few of my own pictures to put in this one. 

Open When Letter #6
Open When You Need To Know I Love You

I found a cute coloring page to but in this one, and made him a cute little pop up car that says I love you on it. I also cut  out words from a book with a heart hole punch and turned them into a poem about what I love about him and framed it. 

Open When Letter #7
Open When You Need A Hug
 So for this one I made a hug, because it was the 
closest thing I could send in the mail to an actual hug

Open When Letter #8
Open When You Need My Love

This envelope included some pictures of my spelling out I love you in sign language a note and some quotes. 

Open When Letter #9
Open When You're Worried About The Future

This was another simple envelope with some long hand written notes and quotes

Open When Letter #10
Open When You Need To Know You're Always On My Mind

This envelope was stuffed to the brim that's for sure I found this awesome quote that said "maybe the quotes we like say a lot more about us than they do about the people who wrote them" I loved this quote because I found it to be so true. So I put that quote on top and included a bunch of quotes that meant a lot to me. 

Open When Letter #11
Open When You Feel Alone
 This envelope had a lot of uplifting quotes and articles to help 
cheer him up and make him feel like he is never alone.

Open When Letter #12
Open When You Need A Walk Down Memory Lane

This had to be one of my favorites to put together. I put our song lyrics, and a ton of pictures with sticky notes on the back of them that talked about each memory that was captured in the picture. I also wrote down our story from beginning to end. Which ended up being pretty long. But I loved writing it down and remembering all the fun times we shared. 

Open When Letter #13
Open When You're Bored

 So my handsome stud has an obsession with space, he loves 
looking at pictures of space so I sent him a bunch and wrote what
 they were on the back, I also filled out this long Question and
 Answer and sent one for him to fill out and send back to me. 

Open When Letter #14
Open When You Need A Laugh

So for this one I found a bunch of funny pictures online and took a bunch of funny pictures of myself. I also wrote down all of our funny memories and inside jokes. 

Open When Letter #15
Open When You Miss Me More Than Ever

So obviously this one included a very long sweet love note and a bunch of pictures. 

Open When Letter #16
Open When You Need Motivation
 This one included a bunch of inspiration
 quotes and a long note of encouragement

Open When Letter #17
Open When You're Having A Bad Day

This letter included tons of quotes as well
Just a few more things to add. I mad all of the envelopes by tracing a medium size manila envelope onto scrapbook paper cutting it out an gluing it together. I also printed faded pictures onto the letters I wrote using Microsoft word and fading the images into the background. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your own open when letters. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. 


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  3. Wow you really out did yourself these are wonderful! It must have been really special for him thank you for sharing great ideas!

  4. Love your Open When letters, so classy and sweet! I'm getting ready to do this for my boyfriend who lives 1,000 miles away. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

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